Saturday, December 9, 2017

DIY Minty Scrub

The other night, my mom mentioned that she wanted to have a "little something" to give out to her friends at the end of her neighborhood Christmas party. I was thinking of making a holiday themed body scrub and figured this would be the perfect opportunity. Mom's NOT one for crafts, but this is simple enough, and I had most of these ingredients already on hand. Thanks to Amazon Prime, just two days later I had the jars and some extra coconut oil.  On Thursday night, she came over and we made these lovely little scrubs while watching Christmas Vacation. (LOVE having mom live nearby...the novelty hasn't worn off!)

All you need is.....
-Cute 4 oz. glass jars. I LOVE and have ordered these a few times (I made 12)
-2 cups of granulated sugar
-1 cup of pink himalayan salt 
-Fractionated coconut oil - 1 1/2 cups (my fave)
-12 drops of lavender oil
-5 drops of peppermint oil
-Red food coloring (optional)

Mix all of the ingredients together. Add more sugar or coconut oil if the consistency isn't to your liking. Depending on how you tweak the recipe you should be able to fill about 10-12 jars. If you would like to add a little color, then you could add a few drops of food coloring. Usually I skip this step, but mom wanted it a little more red than pink. Now that the messy part is done...time to decorate. What do you have laying around the house? Labels, some stickers, and festive ribbon...these came out just too stinkin' cute! 

You could certainly adjust the scent to your liking too! I was afraid to make these too minty! I'm BIG into Young Living essential oils, and being that these are therapeutic grade, high quality oils...they are potent! In my opinion, adding the lavender helped tone down the mint so that it doesn't leave your skin feeling too tingly! Also, it smells FANTASTIC!

( If you're interested in Young Living oils, just drop me a line! )

*Disclaimer - This product was tested on husbands. 

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A letter to Santa, From Ella Rose

It sure has been a while, but tonight's letter to Santa that Ella had me draft for her....was, in my "mom-opinion"....totally blog-worthy!

Dear Santa, 
Can I please have a Shimmer and Shine dollhouse and a snack and a vacation to the North Pole where you live, Santa? Thank you for bringing me toys. I want to be a genie...a REAL genie! I've been good, not bad..."nuffin" else. My name is Ella. I live in Florida. My dad is the best boy in the whole wide world ever and I like Mommy's kitchen. Emmy is the best baby sister, but she keeps following me into my room. I want...hatchimals, stickers and a car. I'll be 16, okay...I'll just pretend.
Love, Ella

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Friday, September 8, 2017

Our Pre-Irma Update

Hurricane Irma is heading our way....we live in Central Florida about an hour north of Orlando, so YES we are in the path. As you know, the projected path changes with each update, but at this point we do know for certain that we are going to be experiencing the effects in one way or another. Here are some of the specifics on our plan at the moment.....

1. Yes, we are "sticking it out"....there are no mandatory evacuations in our area, we live inland and we're about 96 feet (Boy Scout Hubs checked into this) above sea level. 
2. We have LOTS of water, and food and we have followed many of the guidelines for hurricane preparedness....did I mention Hubs was a Boy Scout...Eagle Scout actually!
3. Our family from South Florida drove up here so we're ALL going to be together. They left at 11 last night and arrived at 11 this morning. Ordinarily this trip shouldn't take more than 3.5 - 4 hours. 
4. Stephen's job announced earlier this week that they would be closed Friday (today) and Monday. My job initially closed for Monday but then Gov. Rick Scott closed all K-12 public schools and late last night I found out that the charter school I work for (and that the girls go to) was closed for today. At first this was a bummer because I have so much work to take care of in case we are out more than one day next week and we needed the girls to be in school while Hubby prepped the house. Luckily my cousin Nikki was here so she helped take care of the girls and Hubby got to do his thing! He even topped my car off with gas! WIN! I had to go to work to prep paperwork for a TON of meetings I have scheduled for next week. It was so eerie, hiding my computers and important files in my offices (yes, I have two...story for another post), and all of my favorite office supplies "just in case"!
5. My house is a wood frame home, and Mom and Dad's is a concrete block home so we just feel like it's smarter to be with everyone over there.  
6. There are FIFTEEN OF 2 dogs that will ride out the storm at my parent's house. Outside of that (before and after Irma) we also have a house we rented out nearby for spare bedrooms and showers for the So-Flo crew. We aren't sure really how long it will be before they are able to make the journey back home, so at least there's a plan in place for a possible longer-term stay. (Thanks Mal-Smiles for having a super cool family!)
7. Even with all the changes in the forecast, we feel comfortable all being together! Using the term hurricane "party" in this situation feels a little strange, being that we aren't sure what to expect...especially the family from down south is unsure of what they will be going home to....and when! However, we will certainly try to make the best of it. Tonight we kicked off our gathering with 3 rotisserie chickens and two fried chickens. It's always about the food. Starting off on a good note before we resort to eating peanut butter and crackers.
8. Dear El, you know there's a big storm coming and you're so excited about a BIG sleepover with so many people! Dear Em, you will surely be the life of the hurricane "gathering"!
Emmy braved the crowds at Publix, and she is all set for the storm! Bring it on, Irma! 
So far, it seems like the worst in our area will be Sunday night to Monday-ish. Things are changing constantly though so who knows what the impact will actually be. Waiting on the 11:00 update....hoping this turns out to be not as bad as expected. Praying for everyone in Irma's path!
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Me

The summer version of me is WAY more fun and creative. Every year, over summer vacation I like to pretend I'm crafty. It's very fulfilling. It's not like I'm sitting around being bored...there is plenty in this home to keep me busy. It's just that during the school year, I find very few opportunities to branch out and learn new things. Yes, I know that if you want to do something bad enough, you can make time. The reality is that crafting is very low on my list of extracurricular activities. Obviously you've got the very important stuff at the top of the priority list...trying to nail the work/home blend consumes it all. This encompasses all things family, and a very demanding work schedule. I do enjoy cooking, at least I try not to make it a chore. Scrapbooking used to be a HUGE hobby of mine (one of the reasons I originally started blogging forever ago). I found a way to incorporate scrapbooking into my regular day to day work and home planning by going all in with the planner community. Perhaps that's a post for another day. Moral of the story....when it comes to's just not something I make much time for unless I'm home for an extended period of time and have a stress level of at least 90% less of what it is during the school year. It's just the reality right complaints. 

Why am I blogging about this? Because.... 1. I want to share some awesomeness from over this past summer break, and 2. I don't want to forget where I left off, so I can pick it back up next year! 
This is a cozy baby blanket that I made for a friend. It was ridiculously simple, and since the yarn is so chunky and the hook was so fat....I finished it in about 4 days! THIS is the tutorial I followed.
I also made these adorable donuts for a sweet little two year old's birthday. At first I was unrealistically ambitious and thought I was going to make a reality it ended up being only four. They are pretty easy but slightly time consuming for as small as they are. After I cranked out the first four for the birthday gift, I ended up attempting more for my girlies. So far I have 1 and a few random tops and bottoms that still need to be stitched and stuffed. That is a project for another time. I don't want to forget the exact tutorial I followed for these. It's THIS one, and HERE is the link to the actual pattern. I'm going to make more of these....some day. #tobecontinued
It blows my mind how you can learn pretty much anything on YouTube. A while back, a co-worker taught me a few crochet basics, and I relied on YouTube to take it from there. I'm nowhere near pro status, but if it's basic and the tutorial is clear enough...I can figure it out (and so can you, I promise). 
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life is short....take the trip

For a little over 8 years, I've been living in Florida. Stephen and I took a risk by leaving New York, in order to start our careers...and ultimately our life together. As exciting as all of that was, it was never easy to just leave....and I'm saying this for a lot of reasons. For me, a big reason was my little brother. We were ALWAYS close, even while growing up with just three years between us. To this day I consider him my best friend in the whole wide world, and literally I think the world of him. Of course we don't talk as much as we would like but it's understandable as we are both incredibly busy people in two totally different ways. We see each other but not as often as we would like. It also seems that when we do see each other it is for either holidays or special events. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see him under those circumstances but I always figured it would be nice to spend time with him "just because". Pete (that's his name, FYI) is a musician and all summer long I was hoping to plan a trip to see one of his shows. 

There always seemed to be a reason to put it off until the next one...legitimate reasons too....the girls, timing, taking off of work, flight, ya know. After returning back to work after summer vacation and talking to a co-worker and friend of mine I decided life is just WAY too short, and I was so over putting the trip off. My sweet hubs understood and just one week out - I "spontaneously-ish" booked a trip for a visit to see Pete in Boston at one of his shows. BEST decision ever! It was a blast! My cousin Jen went too, and we had the best time...mostly eating, and drinking, and being silly like we've always been. In those moments it's like time is standing still...we don't seem like grown ups, it's like we're kids again. Here are some of the highlights from my very quick but wonderfully jam-packed trip to Boston.... I definitely hope to be able to spend more quality time with him JUST like this, JUST like old times. 
We wandered the city, and did what our family does! When we aren't eating, we are usually planning out our next meal. This is normal for most families, right?! Pete's show was incredible, the crowd was insane, I don't have any pics because I was a very proud sister....and I Facebook-lived, almost the entire show for my parents. Good times, I hope it isn't long before I get to experience another bro-sis trip, even if it's something a little more local. Love you Bro!! 
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*Dear El + Em, 
I hope you girls have a bond as strong with one another as I do with your very cool, Uncle Peter. There's nothing like it! 

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