Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A letter to Santa, From Ella Rose

It sure has been a while, but tonight's letter to Santa that Ella had me draft for her....was, in my "mom-opinion"....totally blog-worthy!

Dear Santa, 
Can I please have a Shimmer and Shine dollhouse and a snack and a vacation to the North Pole where you live, Santa? Thank you for bringing me toys. I want to be a genie...a REAL genie! I've been good, not bad..."nuffin" else. My name is Ella. I live in Florida. My dad is the best boy in the whole wide world ever and I like Mommy's kitchen. Emmy is the best baby sister, but she keeps following me into my room. I want...hatchimals, stickers and a car. I'll be 16, okay...I'll just pretend.
Love, Ella

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